Project Name: Luiperdshoek Pakstoor

Client: Southern Farms

Site: Southern Farms Boerdery, Schuitdrift, Northern Cape, South Africa.

Product: Export table grapes, Dates, Raisins and Pecan nuts.

Total project value: approx. R40mil.

Mechanical Consultants: CoolCheck (Pty) Ltd

Scope of work: Design, specification, services co-ordination and project

management of refrigeration, air conditioning, and ventilation systems.


• Voorverkoeler/Precooler (summer cooling mode) - 16 off stations for fast pre-cooling of

warm grapes directly after harvesting from +30’C to +16’C within 60 minutes.

• Voorverkoeler/Precooler (winter dual-purpose) – cooling, heating and drying of Dates.

• Aftrek Kamers/Pull-down Rooms (summer cooling mode) - 6 off direct forced-air cooling

rooms with 21 palette capacity each - pulldown time of 14 hours to 16 hours from +25’C

to 0’C.

• Aftrek Kamers – freezing mode (winter dual-purpose) - freezing of Dates from +25’C to

(-) 18’C and long-term storage.

• Sluis Kamer/Air-lock – air temperature +2’C.

• Uitlaai Kamer/Dispatch room – air temperature 0’C.

• Hou Kamer/Holding Room – (dual-purpose) air temperature 0’C for table grapes or (-)

20’C for Dates.


• Pakstoor/Pack house – 300(+) staff workers at +20 ‘C with low velocity air distribution

duct system (air speed suitable for electronic scales and staff comfort at low air


• Offices and service areas – comfort cooling with inverter type split units.


• Pakstoor/Pack house – 300(+) staff workers fresh air in accordance with health and

safety regulations.

• Offices, service areas and washrooms – fresh air in accordance with health and

safety regulations.

• Toilets and tearooms – extract air systems in accordance with health regulations.