Sector: Plastics Industry

Client: Nampak Closures (JSE Listed plastic injection moulding company)

Site: Durban, South Africa

Plant: 40+ plastic injection moulding machines (beverage)​

Total HVAC cooling capacity: approx. 1,850 kWR

The client brief to us was to reduce the energy and water consumption of the cooling plant and identify opportunities to increase production efficiency.


The first phase of our assignment was to conduct a cooling efficiency and performance assessment of the chillers (Using ClimaCheck).

After the initial assessment the client appointed us to conduct a full industrial assessment of the cooling process.

The assessment was conducted over several months and included a full analysis of the functionality and suitability of the cooling system as it related to the production process. Full process and instrumentation drawings were made based on "as built" which also included additions and alterations to the system that were not reflected in the design.

Based on the outcome of our industrial assessment, the client was able to implement several improvements which included a reduction in cycle time as well as energy and water consumption.