ClimaCheck is a unique and very powerful tool with which to measure cooling system efficiency. What used to be a very complicated and expensive process, ClimaCheck now makes it possible to measure efficiency using a very cost effective analysing system.


The analyser is available in portable or fixed versions. The fixed version offers 24/7 online monitoring, which includes automated fault and efficiency loss detection.


Established over ten years ago, ClimaCheck have saved thousands of customers literally millions simply by providing accurate performance data with which to measure cooling efficiency and provide benchmarking. This data is used to measure the effect of energy upgrades and other interventions directly and in real time. This saves valuable time and provides an independent verification of claimed savings.


CoolCheck is proud to be a partner and distributor of the ClimaCheck system in South Africa. 

ClimaCheck Performance Analyser - Presentation
ClimaCheck Sweden AB

ClimaCheck Performance Analyser - Presentation